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Northern Chester County Joint School Board-1954

First row, left to right: T. Strickland Guest, Leonard H. Caldwell, Frank E. Elliot, Harry C. Symons, Raymond E. Prizer, Paul K. Detwiler.

Second row, left to right: Francis M. Wampler, Clarence A. Yocom, Raymond R. Hohl, Elizabeth S. Williams, Caroline H. Brown, I. Newton Evans, Sr., Pierre C. Fraley.

Third row left to right: Oliver W. Mosteller, Russell T. Latshaw, Muriel C. Philson, Edwin I. Walters, Homer S. Sweisford, Joseph J. Bodor, Harold R. Diffenderfer.  

Fourth row left to right: Klaus P. Hochschwender, Ada M. Wilson, Claire L. Mann, Lowell F. Kratz, William M. Hall, Laura Wohltmann, J. Earl Pennypacker, Harry L. Brownback.

Missing: John L. Keeley, Jane S. Cadmus, E. Gilbert Stauffer, Harry H. Bickel, W. Reeve Noble, George M. Brunley, William W. Madden.

“It is more important to educate other children than your own children because there are so many more of them. Your children will have to live with that”

            Webster Herzog, December 12, 1957

Board Meetings (58)
August 16, 1954-December 18, 1961













Owen J Roberts High School

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